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What we do:

The service area for on demand deliveries is in the Austin to San Antonio Texas corridor and the surrounding areas of both cities. We serve a variety of clients from individuals to businesses, and hold several contracts for ongoing deliveries from brand name businesses direct to the consumer. 

Shipment tracking is monitored dispatch to driver.  Each driver may be contracted direct by cell phone at any time. Documentation for deliveries may consist of any chosen format agreed upon by shipper/receiver and is supplemented with a hand written delivery service order detailing the shipment and signed for by shipper, driver, and receiver.

We have a range of independent contract drivers with vehicles capable of carrying up to 18,000 lbs and up to 12 pallets per shipment unless pallets may be safely stacked.


How we got started:

-1996  Our roots in transportation come from 7 years training and experience in truckload transportation to all 48 states.  

-2002  Spirit Trucking LLC is formed and operates a single tractor-trailer under contract for nationwide delivery.

-2004  Spirit Trucking LLC begins contract operations locally in Austin Texas.  

-2006  Spirit Trucking LLC converts to a general freight delivery business.

-2008  We expand our operations by partnering with other independent contractors in the area to serve increasing demands in both Austin and San Antonio

-2009  Operations are diversified to provide service outisde of general freight deliveries.  

Spiirt Trucking continues to grow both internally and externally with the goal of serving every client with excellence.


About the owner: